onsdag den 16. februar 2011

The flu

With 10 days to Hugglets it is not fun to have to stay in bed because of the flu. It has now lasted 8 days and it is not quite over. Not in bed anymore - but the energy .......
Well, these two little bears will make the trip to London together with their friends. I hope to finish a few more.
Now winter has returned - I thought spring was around the corner. But I guess that I am not the only one waiting for spring :-) I look forward to visiting London, normally it is a little warmer than Denmark.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Check out my blog as I have an award for you because I love your blog & your bears! bearsonbellair.blogspot.com
    bearHugs, Bec

  2. Hi Bec,
    I am so honoured that you have thought of me in connection with the award. Thank you very much.
    It was so nice to hear from you. I shall do my best to live up to the expectations in regard to this award.