lørdag den 24. marts 2012

No shows in the near future

I had a good day at Hugglets, however, I have decided not to show my bears there or anywhere else in the near future. My husband is not well and I find that I need not to have the pressure of an exhibition date over my head. I shall make bears from time to time - I hope - and I shall send a newsletters when I have bears for sale.

Both my husband, Jorn, and I have been very happy with the trips to London and I am sure that we shall continue going there and other places in the future. But as I see it now we have to concentrate on getting Jorn well again and nothing else.

I have my last bears for sale on this blog. I sell them at a low price and I shall pay the postage. Please have a look. Little "Buffy" here is not for sale at the moment.

As I am also a collector of bears I look forward to seeing many beautiful bears in the future.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Stine,
    I'm a miniature bear artist, too. I found now your great blog and these wonderful bears ! I hope that your husband will feel better soon.
    I send you many bear hugs from germany

    1. Hi Nicole,

      Thank you very much. My husband is much better and we trust that he shall recover totally.

      Bear hugs from Stine

  2. Hej Stine, først tak fordi du har lagt dig som følger af min blog, det gør mig ondt at din mand ikke er rigtig rask, men der er noget jeg ikke kan få ud af hovedet, har du og din mand ikke handlet med bamse materialer for år siden? jeg har nemlig også syet bamser, og jeg syntes jeg kendte dit navn. knus morkaren.