søndag den 24. november 2019

Hello again

A long time has passed since my last message. We have now lived in our new house half a year - and we love it. When we look out of our windows we see wild nature, it is lovely.
I have during this half year made a few mini-bears and the coming weekend I shall go to Hamburg, Germany to show these miniature bears. I have not participated in a show for a long time.
Here you see a few of the bears:

The bears are all about 8 cm tall when standing.

tirsdag den 26. februar 2019

Moving house

A lot has happened since my last post half a year ago. My husband and I have sold our house and the new one is not finished until June 1st, 2019. We have had to find a temporary home for 8 months, and this is where we are now. I must admit that this plus serious health problems with my husband and my son has set me back. It is better now and I hope to find inspiration to make miniature bears again.

Last week I made one, Little Diana. She stands 3 1/2" when standing and 2 1/2" when sitting which she is supposed to. The price for the little bear is USD 95.00 with free shipping world wide by ordinary mail. If you should want Track and Trace the extra cost will be added to the price.

The flowers are hand made by the late Lene Mathiasen who was known world wide for her beautiful miniature flowers. Miss her.

Look forward to hearing your comments.

fredag den 27. juli 2018

Change of Mind

Well, I just made a little bear. She is 3.5" tall and her name is "Emilie". I guess that I couldn't quite stop making bears.

Have a nice summer.

torsdag den 24. august 2017

No more bears

I have decided to stop making Teddy Bears.

I have earlier made such a decision, but have started again, so who knows? But for the time being there will be no new bears from me.

lørdag den 18. marts 2017

New Bears

Please visit my "Bears for Adoption" or mail me: stine@stine-teddies.dk for further information on these bears: