lørdag den 11. april 2009

Mail from Lucas' "new mother"


Lucas arrived here last Friday and has found his way to my kitchen window, where I spend hours cooking and washing dishes! He sits so nice next to a face carved from an avocado seed that my sister made (I gave one to Kield to giver to Kirsten, so you can stop over and see it sometime). The great thing is that he(I renamed him "Stine", so I think he is a she, but will continue to call it a "he") sits in a place I love and am constantly looking at, as beautiful birds land at the feeder behind the window. He looks real nice when the Eastern Blue Birds come to eat, their bright blue is beautiful next to his brown fur!

Tusinde tak for saadan en dejlig bamse
Chriztine in Lunenburg, MA, USA

PS Kield said your newborns were too life-like. I totally agree with him! But they are very cute!"

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