mandag den 1. marts 2010

Back from London (Hugglets)

Very late last night Jorn and I returned home from a lovely weekend in London. Up to the last hour we were not sure whether I could make the trip. I had been down with the flu all week but I had to go to Hugglets. A few years ago we were trapped in the airport because of the weather and couldn't attend the Hugglets Winter BearFest. We had a friend put a sign on our table that we were not able to make it. This could just not happen again. As it turned out my health was not the best, but all right. Or at least so I thought until I saw the photos my husband took of me and the stand!!

So - here is a photo of my stand without me. I enjoyed talking to collectors and other visitors and quite a few of my little bears didn't go back to Denmark.

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