søndag den 16. maj 2010

"Lara" and a little about Bella

Little Lara is my newest creation. She is 9 cm tall standing, and she stands very well on her big
feet. Some times I just need colours - especially now when I have totally forgotten what spring is like. It is cold, cold .....
My Ridgeback, Bella, is now 6 months and you would think that she had read books about big dogs. She is acting just like it says in the books that from 6 to 18 months the dog is a lout. The day after her 6 months birthsday she found it necessary to try to eat one of the buttons on our sofa. As the button just wouldn't give in she tried with her front paws/nails with the result thet the fabric was torn. I am sure she thought: "Hurray, now I am 6 months, now the fun begins!!"
Well, we love her anyway. We have had dogs before and know that this is something we have to go through when we have a teen-age dog.
I have heard that spring will be here on Thursday - I look forward to it very much.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I love you bears, but to me Lara is an absolute stand-out! She is so adorable & precious! Is she available for adoption or does she already have a home? She is just stunning!
    bearHugs, Bec

  2. Hi Bec,
    Lara has just now been put for sale on my web-site. The price is GBP 55 + P&P. Please send me a mail, if you are interested in buying. I am about to send my "news mail" to the people on my mailing list.
    Hugs Stine