mandag den 19. januar 2009

Getting started

"Just do it" someone once said - and so I did. I have started a blog today and I know almost nothing about this. However, when I look at other blogs I see some very interesting and inspiring entries, and of course I shall be able to do that too very soon.

My purpose with this blog is to share my "hobby life" with others who might be interested.

My teddy bear making has ment very much for me and for my husband as he helps whereever he can and always goes with me on exhibitions. I have made mostly big bears, but lately I have started making small bears as well. I find that the change between the sizes is giving new inspiration.
Unfortunately, I have injured my right hand 1 month ago and the hand is in a plaster cast. That means that I am unable to use my thumb for the time being. It is surprisingly many things you cannot do without the use of your thumb, and some of them are drawing and sewing! Therefore, no new teddy bears ..... On Wednesday the 28th of January I am having a new exray and I do hope that the cast will come off then.
In the meantime I can try to learn more about this medium, and luckily I am able to do some scrapbooking.

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  1. Hi Stine
    Welcome to blogland.
    Your new little bear is so sweet.