onsdag den 21. januar 2009

I am getting there!

After spending one more day in front of my computer I really learned a lot about blogging. I have had a great help from Tina (Tinybear) who gave me very good instructions in Danish. Thank you, Tina.

As it appears, my hand is still not working very good. Philip needs a brush before photoshooting, but it is difficult. The little guy is a reborn doll and he is quite cute. I have been making these dolls for a little more than a year after attending several courses.

As I mentioned, the thing that I actually can do for the time being is scrapbooking. I have been at a couple of courses in October and December 2008. I also like decoupage so I have tried to combine the two. I can see that I have a long way to go but I enjoy working with the paper.
One thing that I have also learned during the past couple of days is that I shall have to plan my day in order to make time for both the computer and the things I really want to do. I also have a dog and family that need my attention.

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