torsdag den 19. februar 2009

Rain - again

I am looking out and it is raining - again! This is winter now a days in my part of Denmark. It is not very encouraging, mostly because of lack of daylight.

Now comes the good part: I got mail today, a parcel from U.S.A. with materials for small teddy bears. It is so exciting to receive the material you order via the Internet. I love getting this kind of parcels, to be able to feel the ordered material and see the little things for real. I believe that it would be impossible to have the hobbies I have without the Internet. It is fantastic.

I am going away for about 10 days. I have grandchildren in Sweden whose parrents are going to London for some days, and Jorn and I are going to look after Mads (6 years) and Emilie (4 years) in the meantime. As our son and his family live so far away we do not see them that often which is really too bad. But we enjoy it so much more when we see them. We have an other son who lives in the Copenhagen area with his family. He as 3 children, Mathias (10), Philip (3) and Cecilie (1). Of course, we are also going to spend some days with them and we look very much forward to this. I am going to bring material so I can sew a little bear or two - if I get the time. I need to know that I at least have the possibility to make a bear. However, our grandchildren have first priority.

When we are back it will be March and hopefully the weather will know that March is the first month of spring.

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