onsdag den 11. februar 2009

Small teddies

It seems that I must make small teddy bears as they do not require so much cutting which I cannot do yet. I have started a new big bear, but my husband had to be the one to cut it all out. He doesn't like that part very much. He is all right when it comes to evaluate og sell the bears. Well, I am not quite fair because he also helps me stuff the big ones - and that really is a big help.

I have made a couple of little guysand they are quite cute I think.

Last Saturday I went to see a Teddy Bear and Doll Show in Aarhus (the second largest city in Denmark). When you go to these shows you realize that Denmark is a small country. There were 3 stalls with teddybears and 2 with dolls - both reborn dolls. There are simply not buyers in Denmark for large Teddy Bear shows or Doll shows. Well, fortunately, we can go abroad to show our bears and there is the Internet.

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  1. I love your bears and small and bolshie.Yin Button and wonderful little bears.
    In our city there are no shops where you can sell the bears, but we have a club where there are people who love to make bears. And we are doing an exhibition in the city (but only once a year). And we brought our bears for sale in stores in Moscow (to go 4 hours by train). Therefore, it is really good that there is Internet!