fredag den 31. december 2010

Happy New Year to all of you

I hope that all of you have had a wonderful Christmas. Indeed, we have had all of our family staying. It has been very nice. That is what Christmas should be about.
I have had time for making a small bear with a cap and muffler. His name is "Hansi" and he stands 7,5 cm.

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2011 and I for one look very much forward to a new year with
Teddy Bears. My next show will be Hugglets in Ferbuary.

tirsdag den 7. december 2010

A few more . . . .

I just had to make a few more of the bigger bears (17 cm).
This is "Belinda":
And this is "Bolette":
They are both looking forward to getting new homes.

søndag den 28. november 2010

New miniatures for the web-site

I just finished little Heidi. She stands 7,5 cm and is very cute:

I also made a little guy for Christmas. His paw pads and ears are made from fabric with holly on and he has a little red bell.
Please have a look at my web-site.

lørdag den 20. november 2010

New "old" design

Sometimes I feel like making something different. In this case I found one of my old patterns, Oliver 17 cm, and made him again. Well, he is not Oliver anymore, but Kirsten. However, I think that she is cute.

My next show will be Hugglets in February, so maybe I shall bring a few bears a little larger that the usual miniatures. This little one is moving into a house with three large dogs so I hope that she will survive.

tirsdag den 9. november 2010

Thoughts in November

Rain, rain, snow, rain . . . . .
There is no doubt, winter is around the corner. I don't mind. I love spending time in my work room making bears or working with my computer.

I made 3 little bears - each with its own personality:

This is CLARA. Her body and food pads are made from 2 different cotton fabrics with flowers and she has matching roses on her shoulder. She is 7,5 cm tall and has glass eyes.
This little bear is AMALIE. She is also 7,5 cm tall when standing. She has a double bow and some matching flowers. She is made from 3 different colours of "fur".
Then there is MADS, same size as the others. Also made from 3 different colours. He also has a double bow and matching flowers.
I attended a show in Malmö, Sweden, on October 24th. Unfortunately, there were very few visitors. What a shame. I really hope that the interest for teddy bears in this part of the world will increase again. It is so sad that one show after an other has to shut down. I believe that this is partly due to the Internet, but the personal contact with collectors is very important I think.

Well, I have lots of ideas in my head so I shall continue making the small bears.

torsdag den 21. oktober 2010

Who is who in bear making

On November 6th and 7th a online show is taking place through "Who is who in bear making". I made 5 beautiful bears for this show and lined them up on my table for photos. However, having left my room for a short moment my wonderful dog obviously felt that these bears would be nice to chew, so when I returned there were no bears on the table but bear bits all over the floor and an innocent looking dog. What do you say? ? Well - I knew that the fault was mine, but what did that help? I am sure that many other artists with pets have experienced something like this. I did, however, make 3 new bears before deadline and here is a sneak peek.