lørdag den 24. januar 2009

Bears for grandchildren and more

I have 5 absolutely wonderful grandchildren. For each of them I have made a teddy bear for their Christening. I have embroidered their name and date on the foot pad of each bear. I think that it is a nice thing to have from their grandmother when they grow up. I have made a scrapbooking page of the five bears with a small photo of the owner:

Furthermore, I want to share a couple of photos of teddy bears that I have made in 2008. They are both sold:

Last week I visited a supplier of mohair here in Denmark (we only have very few). It was my birthsday and I went with two of my best friends who also make teddy bears. We meet once a month and have a very nice evening making bears and talking. I bought some more pieces of mohair in the hope that I shall be able to sew very soon. It is very frustrating not to be able to do what you really want. But planning what you are going to make is also very nice.

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